Customisation and Uniforms

Havokk Clothing Company also offers fully customised shirts and uniforms. Whether you're a fighter looking for a supplier for your very own shirts for fight night or whether you're a business that needs a refresh on your uniforms, we are your solution!

We have in-house designers that can design something for you for an event, occasion or for your team. However, we are also happy to work with you if you have an idea of what you'd like to see come to life.

Other businesses we've worked with include:

- Providing LST Support Services with new uniforms and currently working on their football jerseys too!

- Providing Nutrition Supplement Company with their own customised gear.

- Providing Stretton Boxing Club and fighters such as 'Big Bad' Joe Goodall and Andrew 'Southboa' Hunt with customised fight kit for special events.

Unsure about what we can do for you? 

Email us at to enquire about your unique needs and we'll be happy to help!